Mixed Mania - Adventures in Bipolar disorder - Dawn Summerall

Mixed Mania the Book

This book is in the works and coming soon. It is a book of anecdotes about mental illness, medications, and the mental health care system from someone who has had a diagnosis for 35+ years. It also contains exercises to help the reader reflect on certain aspects of their life, areas, and activities for creative and emotional expression, and activities for people who are stuck in inpatient care with only a piece of paper and a rubber pen or crayon.

As a person who has struggled for decades with mental illness, I’d like people to know they are not alone in their struggles. It can be hard to navigate the mental health care system. It is especially difficult to do this while you are experiencing a breakdown. Sometimes it just is what it is and help is not forthcoming but, you are not alone in this and there are others traveling the same path. I want this book to support those people who find themselves at the end of their capacity for sanity. I hope this book can be a part of the process that guides them back to reason.