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This is the personal portfolio and store for Dawn Summerall. You can view everything I am currently working on and get a glimpse into the mind of a mad creative. Check back often for progress updates on my new book Mixed Mania. Let me know if you have a project you’d like to work on together or a job you need help with.

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Dawn Summerall’s books are available on Amazon. Watch for a new one soon.

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Yuma Web Design

Providing web design services and content creation to Yuma, Arizona and beyond.

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What are we dealing with?

Dawn Summerall was born and raised in the deep south. She graduated in March 2019 with a BS in Computer Science and freelance web designer. Dawn is a hyper-sensitive creative. Her areas of creativity are far-reaching and vast. Dawn lives in a space cave in the middle of the desert with four displacer beasts and a space troll. 


Mastery Levels

  • Cat-Momming 100% 100%
  • Web Spinning 80% 80%
  • Building a Better World for Calico Critters. 100% 100%
  • Massage Therapy 95% 95%