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What are we dealing with?

Dawn is a hyper-sensitive creative. Her areas of creativity are far-reaching and vast. She has a post-secondary education that spans over 20 years and starts with deep dives into astronomy, art history, studio classes, and digital art, and culminates with a computer science degree. Dawn lives in a space cave in the middle of the desert with four fearsome displacer beasts and a genius, space troll.

Her current obsessions include AI art, creating themed art collections (Mixed Mania, Technicolor Eleanor and the Song of Chartreuse), retro-futurism, cats, post-surgery self-improvement and well-being, dollhouse miniatures, wigs, and creating massive Spotify playlists. She’s educated, prolific, and selling her life hours for passion and compassion projects. 

What About the Dollhouse?

The dollhouse was given to Dawn by her son Piers. It belonged to her granddaughter Gwen but, Gwen got an updated dollhouse that better fit her space. Dawn sees working with the dollhouse as the pinnacle boss of all arts and crafts combined. Every discipline she ever learned can be used when working with the dollhouse. Working with the residents of the house is therapeutic and hilarious. The characters are based on people and animals she knows. This may be the only dollhouse with a black light bar, exotic dancer, room of mysteries, and a drunken snail/cat combo to keep things interesting.

Primarily a Visual Artist

Dawn has been primarily a visual artist for her entire life. When her father died she stopped creating traditional drawings and watercolors. That medium was a dialogue between them and when Dan Summerall passed away that dialogue ended. But, there are many other avenues to explore, and Dawn’s creative urges border on addiction so she still ravenously explores other creative outlets.

You can see a massive gallery of her visual art and jewelry over on Deviant Art.

Dawn Summerall - AI Art

Has a Job!

Dawn is a freelancer who creates websites for a living. She is based out of Yuma, Arizona but, will do work for other regions. If you need help with your current website, a new website, Google Business and Analytics issues, or SEO content writing. Please, visit and fill out the contact form to schedule a meeting.

Yuma Web Design

Mastery Levels

  • Cat-Momming 100% 100%
  • Web Spinning 80% 80%
  • Building a Better World for Calico Critters. 100% 100%
  • AI Obsession 100% 100%